The nm patent was born in developing a new piano method for those who want to play piano as a tool to read music notation regardless of talent and experience.

It was found that having a piano keyboard image firmly in the brain is a big factor for learning the piano.

For example, if you look at a note of a traditional staff notation and automatically come up with an image of the keyboard position in the brain, you can play while looking at the score with scarcely looking the keyboard.
This is an indispensable skill to improve reading ability.

Therefore, by making the n and m characters as a black key group, we developed the nm method that allows you to easily image the position of the keyboard.

This makes it easier to memorize key positions than to memorize only the note names or movement of the fingertips.
And retrieving memories of nm image is easier too.

Therefore you will be able to acquire various musical scales and code efficiently.

Maybe you may feel a sort of sense of resistance to acquire the new way of learning.
However, it is very difficult to imagine the actual keyboard schematic diagram in the brain.

By simplifying the black key groups to the figure n and m, you will soon become familiar with the geometry of keyboard.

No special talent or training is necessary.

Regardless of experience, age, everyone is a way to enjoy the piano.

Not only the merit of such education but also the simplification to the figure n and m themselves also has the feature that the piano score can be freely designed.

By all means, We would like to invite you to the world that this method provides.