This page is to inform you about ‘nm music score (nm score)’ which patent was acquired in Japan(Feb.) and the United States(Jan.).

This technology is simple and widely available.

This patent is basically to represent a group of black keys of a piano as a figure n (two black keys) and m (three black keys). And it is a technology to display all keys including white keys in positional relation between n-shaped figure or m-shaped figures.

An n-shaped figure or an m-shaped figure works as a landmark to grasp the keyboard geography so that learners can easily create a keyboard image in the brain.

For those who do not have piano experience at all, it is also a score for keyboards that can be understood intuitively, saying that “if you hold down the keyboard like this, music can be spun”.

Since it can express the keyboard only with the background described by n or m, it can be applied widely in terms of design.

Scene 1

Scene1…Goods, Picture books, applications etc.

Since the basic expression is simple in nm score, various design developments are possible without losing information as score.

Let’s print a section of music for mug, for example.

It is a cup named “The Flea Waltz”

Since n and m are piano black keys, you can think the footprints of the cats, the face and the whole body as musical notes. Then you can read them from the top to the bottom as keys to play.
In other words, it is a score for keyboards that anyone can play immediately.

You can represent this by staff notations as follows.

If you lay the mug cup sideways, you can see the musical score in nm and the sequence of notes in the staff as similar figures.

In other words, anyone can intuitively understand that anyone can intuitively understand the schematical relation of keyboard and staff notation by showing music notation in nm and ordinary staff score side by side. And this sort of feeling will be a great advantage when learning how to read the staff later.

In this way, the musical score of n and m has an educational effect. Moreover, since it can be expressed with the simple figure element of n and m as a reference, you can develop a variety of designs widely for various songs.

You can create an nm score that you can actually play piano, such as one of the famous songs of Chopin’s Waltz and Nocturne, or one of Mozart’s Piano Sonatas.

Of course, you can commercialize an nm score of popular songs by getting permission of copyright. It may also be good for artists promotional goods.

If you can print, you can make products “T-shirt, towel, handkerchief, tote bag, etc.”

Even in the product exhibition at the shop, by placing a POP that can ask the customer “What is this pattern?”, You can develop products that can be sold by communication between customers.

For example, you can make products such as series and set of songs that will continue with the combination of mugs and luncheon mats.

In addition, you can also create picture books for kids that can be played with keyboard instruments immediately. The sample below is the beginning of “Mary had a little lamb”.

Kids can acquire the good study habits for piano such as reading score and having the image the keyboard geography.

Sample Download Page


Besides printed matter, it is also suitable for applications such as interactive piano learning software of PC or smartphone. Because there is a high degree of freedom in the design of figures showing the keyboard position, it will be easy to adjust to narrow screens and so on.


Scene 2

Scene 2 … nm Fonts, Piano Chord Diagrams

The nm score can be expanded widely as “a picture that the piano inexperienced person can intuitively hold down on the correct positions on the keyboard”.

nm fonts

By configuring the nm keyboard character and nm keyboard character font sett, it is possible to easily show the keyboard position to the readers in the piano teaching book or the music textbook.

The readers can play the piano in their brain by the nm font appended to the note name while reading the book even if they are away from the piano.
It is very useful not only for the beginners or children but for any level learners.

Below is an example of notes cards using the nm font.
Writing an nm keyboard character on a note card will be a tool that can input the keyboard position to the learner’s head effectively.

nm chord diagram

Do you like to use the piano easily as a song accompaniment like a guitar? It is the nm chord diagram that makes it easy to accomplish such a wish.

Compared to the chord diagram in which the key depression positions are marked on the actual keyboard schematic diagram, the nm chord diagram is easy to capture all the keys of a chord as an image, and it is easier to remember.

Using the nm chord diagram, you can make song books that allows readers can easily accompany on piano.

Scene 3

Scene 3 … nm music sheet

The nm score is a piano score that you can practice by watching quickly even for those who are inexperienced in piano.

A piano learner of intermediate level or higher can practice by moving fingers on the table while reading the nm score while imagining the keyboard even where there is no piano.The score below is the opening part of Chopin Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53, “Heroic” with piano fingering numbers.

From beginners to advanced people, you will be able to attract a wider range of learners to the piano world than ever before.

Sample Download Page

Also, it is also possible to apply figures cut out of nm music notation to quiz content such as…


Scene 4

Scene 4 … nm method

Basically, the nm score is a musical score without burden on the brain because there is no need to interpret it.

The method that makes learners understand the geography of the keyboard from the initial stage possibly creates new learners.

Practicing the piano while imagining the keyboard of the piano in the brain by the nm score can activate the brain.
And also it can provide fun to play the piano to those who were thought impossible to start the piano.
The nm method can be widely applicable for the various piano methods such as…

– Method for 3 year old kids
– Method for those who are frustrated by the current piano methods
– Method for the elderly
– Method for learning disabled people
– Method for visually impaired person

We can provide know-how for these method development.